Workshops - Pia Parolin


I invite reknown photographers to share their knowledge and photography skills, in a wonderful setting on the French Riviera. Join a weekend / day workshop in the city of Nice and its hinterland. The workshops are high quality, low cost, and with a familiar atmosphere - where we all can learn and talk and discuss and take lots of great photos while enjoying city walks and French Riviera food and a BBQ in a Côte d´Azur villa with pool.

Please write me an email if you are interested:


I - Matteo Abbondanza (Milan, Italy: Street Photography) 22+23 September 2018

II - Ugo Cei (Pavia, Italy: Urban Exploration Masterclass)  20+21 October 2018

III - Martin U. Waltz (Berlin, Germany: Street Photography) - 16+17 March 2019. FULL!

IV - Ralph Velasco (Chicago, USA: Travel Image Maker) -  4+5 May 2019. A FEW PLACES AVAILABLE!

V - Ugo Cei (Pavia, Italy), 8+9 June 2019. A FEW PLACES AVAILABLE!

VI - Jean Christophe Béchet (Paris, France): “Create a series with Street Photography”, 7+8 September 2019. FULL!

Language: English and French

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