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I invite reknown photographers to share their knowledge and photography skills, in a wonderful setting on the French Riviera. Join a weekend / day workshop in the city of Nice and its hinterland. The workshops are high quality, low cost, and with a familiar atmosphere - where we all can learn and talk and discuss and take lots of great photos while enjoying city walks and French Riviera food and a BBQ in a Côte d´Azur villa with pool.

Please write me an email if you are interested:


A great workshop year announces itself, here are my guests and cooperations in Nice this year:

April 4-9 – Valerie Jardin (Hit the Streets - Minneapolis) - only 1 spot open

April 17-19 – Martin Waltz (Berlin)

May 23+24 – Matteo Abbondanza (Milan)

June 19-21 – Kai Behrmann (Hamburg)

October – Siegfried Hansen (Hamburg)

Past workshops

Kai Behrmann / Gate 7 (Hamburg, Germany) "Photo-Journalism" October 2019

Jean Christophe Béchet (Paris, France) “Create / edit a photo series” September 2019

Ralph Velasco (Chicago, USA) "Travel Image Maker" May 2019

Ugo Cei (Pavia, Italy) "Landscape Photography" June 2019

Martin U. Waltz (Berlin, Germany) "Street Photography" March 2019

Ugo Cei (Pavia, Italy) "Urban Exploration Masterclass" October 2018

Matteo Abbondanza (Milan, Italy) "Minimalistic Street Photography" September 2018

Old People´s House Nice, August 2018

Association des Victimes de l´Attentat de Nice, November 2016


I am happy to be your photography coach for a day or a few hours. Write me if you are interested.

We meet, you tell me what kind of photo you would like to learn or improve to shoot, and we walk around together and "play" with the camera. It is meant to be fun and inspiring. For all levels, from beginners to advanced photographers.

You will receive: ideas and inspiration, practical advice for camera settings, special settings for special effects (blurred people, contrasts and colours, and much more ...)

Cost: 100€ per person (1-2 persons) per day in Nice, Antibes, Cannes; 125€ in Monaco, Menton or other cities on the French Riviera. If you have a group of several persons the price gets lower per person.

Learn more about making photographs in Nice



Twitter: @PiaParolinPhoto



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