The series of blurred colourful pictures of the "PROMENADE MOMENTS" was made entirely using an Olympus OM-D EM5-II, with a tripod and remote cable control, at 1/6-1/10 sec at F22, focal length 60mm, ISO 200, no flash.

The long exposure time and the high luminosity of the French Riviera result in highly overexposed pictures. To prevent the pictures from being without colours, I use the exposure compensation dial by up to three stops. I took some pictures using a grey filter. To bring back the colours I used Lightroom to increase blacks, shadows, vibrance while decreasing exposure, whites, contrast and clarity. All in all, I try to keep post-processing at a minimum and do not spend more than a few minutes for it on the pictures.

The pictures are not artificially composed or cut and recomposed - they are all natural candid non-posed photographs of people on the prom'.

I try to take the picture in its final form right away with my camera.

Going to the Beach
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