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Art is particularly important in times of crisis. Art produces arguments, critical views and emotions. A positive aspect of crises is that they bring about a kind of soul searching.

Artists develop their visions, feelings, questions and answers. The artistic expression develops thoughts and perspectives which help everybody understand when we cannot simply trust the world as we know it any more. Our world started to reveal shortcomings.

In this project, female artists were portrayed and interviewed to find out how they got through the crisis of the pandemic and how they grew through the difficulties.

#womenartists aims to understand the power that lies within us, no matter how hard life can be at times. Experiences, worries, hopes and ways out are shared and show that we can recharge our batteries from our intellectual and creative freedom.

The project was conceived in 2020/21 and the photos are exposed in Nuremberg in July 2022 and in Nice in Sept/Oct 2022.

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