Parola di fotografo - Photographer's Words

In photography, like in every other art, creativity and inspiration are closely linked to dialogue. New ideas and innovation are seldom born alone. They arise with input from outside, something we see, someone we talk to. Therefore, the encounter with other artists always bears something fruitful. Often a sentence heard, an image seen, is a little seed planted in our brain which then develops further. The exchange with other artists can be passive, by observing a picture in a museum, in a book. It can be unidirectional, by listening to podcasts or watching youtube videos. But it can also be an active process. I love to go to festivals, exhibitions, openings and presentations. They open the possibility to meet people who think differently, present their ideas and express their genius and talent in their way. And this evokes and fires the creativity in myself. Photographers often are lonely wolves. Life is difficult without a network, and the network is based on talking to people and be interested in their work and in their personalities. In a globalised world, stepping out of splendid isolation is extremely fruitful. Besides being enriched as an artist, it helps also in a practical sense, e.g. if you aim at exhibiting your photos or making a book. Since I have become a street photographer in 2016, I have made efforts to meet other photographers of this discipline whenever I could. I like to learn, and discuss, and exchange. 

Today I belong to several photography communities, and therefore I benefit from the trust of the other photographers, which gives the basis for the present book. At this point I thank all those who gave me their trust, who allowed me to make a step into their intimacy by allowing me to take their portrait, and who shared their thoughts and took their time to send them to me for this project. Every encounter was extremely fruitful to develop my own vision and style, my creativity and my whole development as a photographer. And I want to share this with you, the readers of this book, the visitors of the exhibition. Personal encounters are not always feasible, so why not share my encounters and the statements the people.

I met every single one of the photographers in this project. With some I spent only a few minutes, with others intensive weeks of workshops or they came over to visit and we discussed until late in the evening. 

This project  is my hommage to these people, who I met, who talked to me, who generously shared their passion, their ideas.

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