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#notafraid is a photo report by Boris Bocheinski and colleagues about the similarities and differences of commemoration after Islamist attacks in European cities between 2015 and 2020. Exhibitions, an illustrated book and workshops will provide insights into European sensitivities in the very different ways in which the consequences of terrorism are dealt with: Between state-bearing and profane, instrumentalizing and appreciative commemoration, between grief and catharsis. #notafraid wants to support a European position that is neither intimidated by Islamist terror nor populists.

"Promenade Moments"

  • Lady in Yellow
  • The Orange Cap
  • Blue Waving
  • The Cyclist and the Puddle

Promenade moments are images that stand for freedom and happiness in life. The brightly-dressed, blurred people stepped unknowingly in front of my camera for a split second, in a place devastated by terrorists a few months earlier. We can and must oppose the terrorists’ intention to replace our freedom with fear. Our zest for life cannot be covered by gloomy depression. The movement and bright colours of this series stand for this.

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