Natural confinement

A little virus is changing our lives, globally. Despite confinement, I still have the freedom to immerse into the nature, right next to my garden. Leaves timidly dare to unfold after the winter. I find the fragility and beauty of the first small flowers which rise slowly towards the sun. The play of contrasts, the silhouettes and the shapes reflect my mood. Similarities with the feeling of being locked up. Nature has been serving us. It makes us breathe. And now it forces us violently to change. What a pity that scientists are rarely listened to. We document so many things without fake news or wish to stand out. We simply tell what we find out so that others can act in a responsible way. Since long we have been communicating our concerns about the disrupture between nature and our modern consumistic lifestyle. This is likely to present us a lot more surprises in future.

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