My Message as a Scientist - Pia Parolin

My Message as a Scientist

Every scientist has something interesting and important to say.

But do we, the scientists, get our messages out there, into the “real world”? Do people who are not directly connected to our field of work understand what we are doing at all, and why?

Over the years, we have gained a good overview of many things in our research and working area, and have deep insights into a specialized section due to our experience, passion, reflection, perseverance.

We are concerned about changes of biodiversity, climate and the world that surrounds us, and have important contributions to share.

With this portrait series, I introduce scientists with their key insights to make people think, learn something interesting and new, find a guiding line.

I have been at the interface of Science and Art (photography) for a few years now and use my network and personal contacts to set up this project: I introduce my scientist colleagues and friends from different disciplines, countries, backgrounds to the world.

The project consists of portraits, each with a short text in the mother language of the scientist and the English translation. I take an unposed simple portrait photo of my colleagues and display it with their key message.

Instagram: #MyMessageAsAScientist

Instagram #MyMessageAsAScientist

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