The leaves fly, free, the wind carries them away. They are caught in fences surrounding cold walls, in climbing plants that conquer the barricades. They touch the rough trunks, rest on the grass, fall to the ground, float between the trees among the sun's rays. The passer-by's feet make them jump in the air. Then they dance to another place, surrounded by the rustle of the shoots, the smells of nature, the crackling of the branches when the passer-by walks on them. They can not wander pensively like the passer-by, fuzzy perceptions, abstract encounters. They stay there, lonely, free.

This project was set up in December 2019 within the Festival Photographique Temps D'Arrêt, where the ancient prison of Grasse (Maison d’Arrêt de Grasse) is converted into a cultural centre. Old buildings and monuments have so much to tell us about our own history. And art as a means of expression stimulates the dialogue and gives food for thought.

Photo prints are available for sale:

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