Having an adolescent daughter throws me back and forth between relentless pain and deep joy every day. Daily disputes on mostly trivial matters and frequent fundamental discussions about attitudes to life, drugs, friends, freedom are energy devouring. A few minutes later, I am delighted to see a young powerful energy-spraying person hopping around me.

Through photography, I found my way to describe feelings without defining them too precisely. I capture emotions full of nuances, often indefinable, blurred and rushing by.

As a scientist, I want to set things clearly – but this does not work with a growing emotional being: nothing about my daughter can be exactly defined, everything fluctuates between great strength and deep weakness, huge stability and infinite fragility. Just as the hormones stagger and change, so do the actions and reasons for these.

In this project, I try to capture the daily contrasts, the eternal search for communication, the ephemeral moments of deep affection.

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