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La Galerie des Pins is a private photography gallery in Biot on the french Riviera, in the midle between the cities of Nice and Cannes. Located in a beautiful villa with pool in the middle of wonderful huge pine trees, with its particular atmosphere and nreathtaking setting it is the perfect place for an exposition or a workshop with the emphasis on exchange and dialogue. It regularly hosts expositions and workshops, mainly of street photography, but not only. Access by invitation only. If you are interested please send me an email to I will keep you informed!

The Galerie des Pins was opened in late 2017. So far, the expositions were about "Promenade Moments" by Pia Parolin, "Barbers" by Hubert Ancion, "People´n´Art" and "Street Photography" by Pia Parolin.

There are also rock concerts in the gallery. In 2015, Crossroads had a wonderful gig all night long with covers of classical rock music. In 2019, Donkey Kick from Milan, Italy, will perform in the gallery to complement an art exposition planned for that period.

ART APERO: Aquarelles by Nassima Reutlinger - Wednesday 12 Dec



• Photography Workshop with Martin U. Waltz (Berlin), 16+17 March

• Photography Workshop with Ralph Velasco (Chicago, USA) , 16+17 March


• Hubert Ancion (Nice, France) photographic exposition “Barbers”, April

• Pia Parolin (Biot, France) photographic exposition “People´n´Art”, April

• Photography Workshop with Matteo Abbondanza (Milan, Italy), September: "Street Photography"

• Photography Workshop with Ugo Cei (Pavia, Italy), September

• Pia Parolin (Biot, France) photographic exposition “Street Photography”, October

• ART APERO Nassima Reutlinger (Antibes, France) exposes "Aquarelles" paintings , December


• Inauguration of the Gallery with photographic exposition “Promenade Moments” by Pia Parolin, December

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