The City of Nice declared me "Ambassador"

Curriculum Vitae

Ca. 1973 – my first camera (Minolta), my father taught me to compose a picture


1984 “baccalaureat” at the German School in Milan, Italy

1984-1997 study of biology, Ph.D. and "Habilitation de Recherche"

(Universities of Bielefeld and Hamburg. Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology,

Germany; National Institute for Amazon Research Manaus, INPA, Brazil)

2005 to present scientist at INRA, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

2016 Workshop with Jean-Christophe Bechet in Nice, France: “Street Photography”

2017 First photographic exposition (PhotoMenton)

2018 First photography book published with Maison d`Edition Baie des Anges

My first camera (around 1973) and probably first picture taken (second from left)


I wrote hundreds of scientific publications on the ecology of forests, including several co-authored scientific books. In photography, I set up my website ( and published some photographs of nature, animals, landscapes, plants, in guide books. I published an article in the German “GEO SPECIAL AMAZONIEN” in the 1990s. I am currently active on Facebook and Instagram where I set up my “Promenade Moments” pages. I expose in the houses of friends, restaurants or at photographic exhibitions on the Côte d’Azur and Hamburg.

• 1993, 21 nature photographs published in the German BLV book “Reiseführer Natur: Brasilien, Venezuela”

• Poster of Photomenton 2018, photographic exposition with 120 professional and amateur photographers

• Booklets – various

• 2018 Photography Book "Promenade(s) - Rencontres Ephémérides de Passants" by Maison d`Edition Baie des Anges, Nice

"PROMENADE(s)" published by Maison d'Edition Baie des Anges; ISBN N°978-2-37640-021-9 / format 20×20 cm / 32 pages couleurs / 15,00 euros

Photographic history and statements

I started photography when my father gave me the first Minolta for my communion at the age of 9 and told me to keep the horizon straight on the pictures. I have not taken any classes or courses in photography, but love art and like to go to museums and expositions and look at paintings and photographs. Since I traveled the whole world for work and for fun, I made a lot of landscape and nature photography as well as macro-photography of plants and animals. For my 50th birthday my friends gave me an Olympus OM-D E-M5 II and I participated at a local competition (Concours de Photo du Jumelage Valbonne Marti) and won the first prize ad hoc! A three-day course with Jean Christophe Béchet in December 2016 made me discover street photography and I started to take more artistic pictures in coordinated series. I participated in a second workshop on street photography by Pascal Kempenar, in November in Menton, with the focus on light/shade. My first photographic exposition was “Photomenton” which was held in the city of Menton in November 2017, with 120 photographers exposing. Much to my surprise, I won the “Prix de l’Affiche” which means that the jury selected my picture, out of the 1200 presented, to be placed on the announcement poster for the Photomenton 2018 exposition. My first photographic series was “Promenade Moments” in 2017.


2017 “Promenade Moments”

“Promenade Moments” is a series of dozens of colourful pictures taken on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, French Riviera, a year after the murderer attack which caused the death of 86 and injury of 458 persons on the waterfront on the 14th of July 2016, the French Bastille Day celebrations. Many persons, many families, many lives will never be the same again. That night, thousands of people gathered on the prom’ in Nice with fireworks to celebrate France, the free life, the happiness of a free democratic responsible country. Both my teenager children and my aupair girl were there that night, and we talked on the phone the whole night long. I wanted to pick them up, but it would not have made sense to drive to Nice, everything was blocked and in chaos and fear. My three kids could stay in the houses of foreign people. The day after I went to Nice by car, it took me forever, police and determined people everywhere, helping where they could. I brought my kids back - after hours we arrived at home, only 20 km away, and I was the happiest thankful mother on the planet to have everybody back safe at home. How many others cannot say the same! For this reason I decided to give back some colour and light. I took all photographs in 2017, spending time with my camera on the Promenade des Anglais, beside the sea and the sun. It was my anti-depressivum in a difficult moment of my own life. The result are these colourful positive happy pictures, these “Promenade Moments” full of life and light. “Promenade Moments are ephemerid encounters of people passing by, instants of joy and relax for family and friends. Tourists enjoy the spectacular colours that even the rain cannot delete. Soldiers have become part of the prom’ where children play happily. People stop to look into the infinity of the blue sea. Moments and movements surround us in a place where the evil tried to take grip, but the freedom of everyday life full of ease and light prevail.” The series of blurred colourful pictures of the "PROMENADE MOMENTS" was made using an Olympus OM-D EM5-II, with a tripod and remote cable control, at 1/6-1/10 sec at F22, focal length 60mm, ISO 200, no flash. The long exposure time and the high luminosity of the French Riviera resulted in highly overexposed pictures. To bring back the colours I used Lightroom to increase blacks, shadows, vibrance while decreasing exposure, whites, contrast and clarity. All in all, I try to keep post-processing at a minimum and do not spend more than a few minutes for it on the pictures. The pictures are not artificially composed or cut and recomposed. They are all unposed candid photographs with minimum postproduction of people on the prom'.

2018 "People´n´Art"

The series "People`n`Art" came to life in early 2018. I love to go to classical and modern museums and expositions, and there is so much more to see than just the wonderful paintings, photographs or sculptures! The very cold and long winter in early 2018 in Europe enhanced my presence in art galleries and museums. All pictures are candid photos, taken with a Fujifilm X100F camera without flash.

The next step is a project based on the "Ecole de Nice" and people in museums in Nice.


I have donated some 100x100 and 40x40 HD Metal prints to the associations who help the victims of the Nice attacks of 14 July 2016, to give back some light and colours to those who lost so much. And I will make a photography workshop with traumatized kids in Nice and with minor migrant kids hosted at the Centre International de Valbonne. Not that I am a pro but I am happy to share my knowledge about how to enjoy photography.

Cooperation with Association Baie des Anges

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