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My first real photography book was released in May 2018. I present 32 colourful lively pictures of my first photographic series PROMENADE MOMENTS. The Promenade des Anglais in Nice is shown in a different way than usual, with people passing by and the sea in all its shades of blue. Text in French and English.

Edited by Baie des Anges Éditions ISBN N°978-2-37640-021-9 / format 20×20 cm / 32 colour pages / 15€

If you want to BUY THE BOOK you can order it here: or write me an email (


Have a look at the "fotorama" of my latest books by clicking on the picture. (c) Pia Parolin 2018


All my photos are for sale in different qualities and sizes. I can deliver everywhere - I sold pictures to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

I have printed some photos of my series "PROMENADE MOMENTS" which I used for expositions. They are printed on HD Metal with Whitewall in the sizes 100x100 cm and 40x40 cm and are available with a discount. You can find all that is available in the photo book here, have a look by clicking on the picture below and scrolling through!

For questions and orders please contact me:

See the available printed pictures with discount after exhibition in this fotorama:

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