Next level street photography

Create strong images and make clear statements

Pia Parolin & Martin U Waltz

To be released in December 2022

dpunkt.verlag, format 20x30 cm / ca. 200 pages / In German language

Will be available as print or pdf or ePub.

With open eyes

A perception school for street photography

Siegfried Hansen & Pia Parolin

Released in December 2021

Better street photos with the PILOT system. Recognize and skillfully photograph motifs in street photography. Cognitive photo school with two successful photo professionals using the PILOT system. Photographing visual compositions with shapes, surfaces, lines and colors of everyday life.

dpunkt.verlag, ISBN Print: 978-3-86490-855-2 / format 20x30 cm / 212 pages / 32.90€

In German language, dpunkt.Verlag. Available as print or pdf or ePub.

How to realize your artistic demands

Photography as a means of expressing emotions and ideas

Released in August 2021

Shows you the way from a simple photo to an artistic, emotional picture.

Photography with a concept in theory and practice

Learn to express emotions and statements photographically.

dpunkt.verlag, ISBN Print: 978-3-86490-836-1 / format 20x30 cm / 252 pages / 32.90€

In German language, dpunkt.Verlag. Available as print or pdf or ePub.

Untitled photo

Flow - Photography as a happiness experience - How to unleash your creativity and take better photos with the flow

Released in November 2020

The book won the Bronze Medal of the German photo book award "Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22"

I help you to understand the psychology of the mental state of flow and how to use it specifically to take better pictures, conceptual photos and create atmospheric images. When you are in flow you are focused and forget the world around you. You achieve an unexpectedly successful result that feels good. This sense of achievement in turn increases the enthusiasm, so that you soon find yourself in a spiral of happiness.

dpunkt.verlag, ISBN Print: 978-3-86490-783-8 / format 20x30 cm / 226 pages / 34.90€

In German language only, for now.

Available as print or pdf or ePub.

100 Photographes ont la Parole – 100 Photographers’ Words

Released in October 2020

With a foreword by bestseller author Christiane Dreher, and the participation of Magnum Photographer Martin Parr.

In photography, as in any other art, creativity and inspiration are closely linked to dialogue. This project is about the people I met who generously shared their ideas and the passion that unites us: photography. This is my tribute to the diversity of photographers' perceptions, photodiversity!

Baie des Anges Editions,  ISBN N°978-2-37640-057-8 / format 30x30 cm / 120 pages / 20,00 €

In French and English.

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Morgane Nannini: L'ART DU CONFINÉ

Released in April 2020

Based on an idea from art historian Morgane Nannini, this essay was compiled in March 2020 in full Corona lockdown. Morgane asked for the contributions of 22 personalities from the world of arts, letters, theater and  photography. In the post-confinement period it will serve as a diary of these 55 exceptional days.

I wrote a chapter on my life as a street photographer during the first Corona lockdown 2020.

Baie des Anges Editions, ISBN N°978-2-37640-048-6 / format 10×17,5 cm / 108 pages / 9€

In French language only.


Released in November 2019

Black and white street photography in the streets of Nice on the French Riviera.

With a foreword by reknown street photographer and Leica ambassador Jean-Christophe Béchet from Paris.

With texts explaining where to find the hidden places to photograph in Nice.

Collection Carte Blanche & Noire Vol.9, Baie des Anges Editions

ISBN N°978-2-37640-0044-8 / format 20×20 cm / 36 pages / 47 photos in BW / 13,00 euros

In French and English.


Released in May 2018

32 colourful lively pictures of the series PROMENADE MOMENTS. The Promenade des Anglais in Nice is shown in a different way than usual, with people passing by and the sea in all its shades of blue.

Baie des Anges Editions, ISBN N°978-2-37640-021-9 / format 20×20 cm / 32 colour pages / 15€

In French and English.


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