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100 Photographes ont la Parole – 100 Photographers’ Words

Released in October 2020

With a foreword by bestseller author Christiane Dreher, and the participation of Magnum Photographer Martin Parr.

In photography, as in any other art, creativity and inspiration are closely linked to dialogue. This project is about the people I met who generously shared their ideas and the passion that unites us: photography. This is my tribute to the diversity of photographers' perceptions, photodiversity!

Baie des Anges Editions,  ISBN N°978-2-37640-057-8 / format 30x30 cm / 120 pages / 20,00 €

In French and English.

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Morgane Nannini: L'ART DU CONFINÉ

Released in April 2020

Based on an idea from art historian Morgane Nannini, this essay was compiled in March 2020 in full Corona lockdown. Morgane asked for the contributions of 22 personalities from the world of arts, letters, theater and  photography. In the post-confinement period it will serve as a diary of these 55 exceptional days.

I wrote a chapter on my life as a street photographer during the first Corona lockdown 2020.

Baie des Anges Editions, ISBN N°978-2-37640-048-6 / format 10×17,5 cm / 108 pages / 9€

In French language only.


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