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The power of repeating

I used a spare hour to go explore the heights of Nice in beautiful Cimiez with my camera. It was just before sunset, I had very little time and … discovered a universe.

It was not the first time I went there, I used to go there with my children and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Now I am back as a photographer, and I find so much potential for great photography there! And I had so little time to get it all done the way I had it in my head: the right person in the right position at the right spot with the right light…

In Cimiez, there are Roman ruins, a beautiful park with hundreds of old olive trees, a cloister with a wonderful flower garden, a modern museum, and the spectacular art déco buildings from the belle époque when the French Riviera was invented. People play pétanque and walk their dogs, make sports together in the shade of the olive trees or simply sit on a park bench. The calm and silence of a remote mountain influences the mood although we are just above the busy city center and just below the very busy highway. While driving back home I thought: how lucky am I that I can come back to this place, with my camera, with other photographers, whenever I want.

And I realized that the only way of getting better and to grow as a photographer is to go back to the same place, over and over again. Maybe I can be lucky to get the perfect picture with the perfect light in the right moment at this first visit. But the right moment and position is not easy to spot on the first visit. And then perhaps I find it but the light is just not in the right spot. So I will go back to the same place, repeat, get better.

find - wait - click - repeat

find - wait - click - repeat

It is great to travel abroad: I just came back from a month in Madagascar, so many new places and people and nature to explore. But the things that make me really grow as a photographer are… those right in front of my house!

Nice, 3/9/2019

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