I started to write a diary on the first day of  confinement, on Tuesday the 17th of March 2020.

I live in France so today is day n. 50 of total lockdown.

We are at home, me and H.A. and the 3 kids. There have been ups and downs, happy times and depressed times. At first it just felt weird, totally bizarre and even a bit frightening. Then we had to find a way of living together, five people used to live their own rhythm sharing a house and garden. With some superficial conflicts we found our rhythm, and that was the best time.

But now – how bizarre – the approaching end makes us all nervous again. We start asking us questions, what we will do, what will be allowed, how long these weird restrictions will decide about our lives. We, who grew up in total freedom to do whatever we like, wherever and whenever. Suddenly no airplane trips, no tropical holidays, no shopping mall and cinema. This is for the spoilt people we are.

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  • Trees and the Brague

I am a positive person and like to look at the good part in things that happen. But I am a freelance photographer and book writer since January 2020. And in photography, I am specialized in … hahaha, street photography! I cannot even take photos of the empty streets because I live in the countryside and there are just a few roads around. Almost no cars and people. I will certainly not complain because we have a wonderful house and garden, much space and a nearby forest and little river less than one kilometer away. This is the distance we are allowed to walk once a day for one hour, with a written self-signed consent.

Eight weeks. I am not sure I will visit the river soon again after the lockdown ends. I stopped taking beautiful nature photographs some weeks ago. It was fun indeed, back to my roots. Being a biologist, I love nature and have taken hundreds of photos of flowers and beetles and frogs and trees. But I have evolved and the past three years I focused on the human element in urban environments. So just the opposite from the bee humming around a flower next to the water.

So I started to take abstract photos of nature, and then of things in the house. And then I wanted people, but the people I live with did not want to pose for my photo projects. I had great ideas, create atmospheres like Edward Hopper with my camera. Since I was the only available model I played with my tripod and remote control. But it was not fun for long time.

Then I started to make videos, of my series and projects, of my work as a photographer and artist. But the rejection of a video I worked on for several days frustrated me so deeply that I gave up on that one too. I am usually a person who does things with passion and always goes to the end, with much dedication and perfection.

But this little virus has some kind of negative aura which – besides the horrible lung diseases – also causes a depressive state of “IDONTCARE”. So I am not half as productive as I usually am, despite having much more time to spend on my computer.

  • Objet insolite

Actually, having the whole family around me 24 hours a day is not something that makes my creativity and productivity flourish. On the contrary, being used to work in beautiful creative flows I had to cope with all these nice, gentle, constant interruptions which are just the killer for the mental state of flow.

Oh and by the way, I finished writing my first book on photography and… the mental state of flow. It will be a nice big colourful book with 250 pages and as many photographs of mine about how to improve creativity and photography using the scientific knowledge about the state of flow. The book will come out in German in summer, and with a little luck it will be translated into English and French.

So I was pretty busy with this project that I had started around Christmas when Corona was simply the name of a nice light beer. Who would ever have guessed that I had to get back to my old photos stored on some old disk drive because a virus kept me from shooting the photos I needed for my photography book?

Oh well, so here I post some of the photos I took during these eight weeks. And wait curiously to get into my car on Monday the 11th of May, drive to Nice and walk around the city as a street photographer again. How bizarre.

Pia Parolin 5/5/2020 - jour 50 du confinement

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