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photo credit: Axel Müller, 2019

Photographer with a passion for Street Photography, Vice Secretary of Antibes Photo Club since December 2018, Member of the Association La Créative de Biot since November 2018, won several international awards.

Italian and German nationality, born and raised in Italy, study of biology in Germany, PhD in ecology. I lived many years in the Amazon for my work in international projects.

Passionate tropical ecologist traveling the world for work, I always carry my camera with me since the day when my father gave me the first Minolta at the age of 9. After landscape and macro, now I focus more on street photography.

My first photography project and exhibition was “Promenade Moments” in 2017: living since many years on the French Riviera inspired me to capture the colourful moments of relax and dynamics on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

My new projects are focused on the daily life of the people, documented by street photography, and on my concern about freedom and integration on one hand, and biological conservation on the other hand. Living together with tolerance is a theme that is close to my heart. I have always been a traveller and a stranger in some country of the world. And I have always tried to integrate myself into the countries where I lived, Germany, Venezuela, Brazil and now France. Hatred and building walls is the wrong way.

I link my message of open mindedness and concern about racism and conservation to my photographic art. A picture captures a moment in life, it creates an atmosphere, and it transmits a message. Why not transmit a message of peace, integration, openness to strangers, and being concerned about the loss of our wonderful and so precious biodiversity?

In order to share my passion, I organize weekend photo workshops on the French Riviera, high quality and low price, with the aim to have a lot of communication and fun and learn from reknown (street) photographers whom I invite to my place on the French Riviera to share a weekend with other interested photographers - much in the tradition of the Côte d´Azur artists of the 50s who gathered in the beautiful villas along the coast to be creative, share ideas, get inspired and be productive.

I take my pictures with my Olympus E-M5 II and a Fujifilm X100F. I like to keep post-production at a minimum. 

I am a member of the Federazione Italiana di Fotografia FIF, Fédération Photographique de France FPF and am the co-secretary of the Antibes Photo Club APC, France.

Feature in "OpenEye" (April 2019)

Gate7 Podcast mit Kai Behrmann - 1. Von der Hobbyfotografin zur Künstlerin (April 2019)

Gate7 Podcast mit Kai Behrmann - 2. In Fotoserien denken – Von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung (April 2019)

Blog von Tina Sumser (März 2019)

Happy Hour Littéraire à Nice - Mercredi 16 janvier 2019 “Entre mer et montagne une histoire de photos”

Virtual 3D tour of my exposition „PROMENADE MOMENTS“ at the German-French Cultural Centre CCFA in Nice 2018

Produced by Juliane Bülow and presented by Scanner2Go with financial aid by the Goethe Institut, November 2018

Interview in Photo Podcast Network by Marco Larousse (October 2018)

Buy my book!

My first photography book was released in May 2018. it is edited by Baie des Anges Éditions

ISBN N°978-2-37640-021-9 / format 20×20 cm / 32 colour pages / 15€

Here you can BUY THE BOOK or write me an email (photo@piaparolin.com)

PhotoMenton 2018 - the big international photography festival on the French Riviera is announced with my picture, winner of the Poster Prize 2017

Book Cover with my photograph for the 2018 Polar Collection Noir Méditerranée by Maison d'Édition Baie des Anges

Listen to my Podcast Interview - The Traveling Image Makers - A podcast series by Ugo Cei and Ralph Velasco (August 2018)

Solo Exhibition at the French-German Cultural Centre June-October 2018

Blog von Christine Cazon – Spiegel-Bestseller-Autorin (2018)

Interview (in French) about my solo exhibition in Nice (June 2018)


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