Art on Walls - Pia Parolin

Art on Walls

PhotoMenton 2018 - the big international photography festival on the French Riviera is announced with my picture, winner of the Poster Prize 2017

Book Festival Nice, June 2018

  • Festival nice 18_Mise en page 1

Book launch in Nice, May 2018

State of the Arts III at the Bascle´s, May 2018

"People´n´Art" in Galerie des Pins, May 2018

        Dentistry cabinet in Hamburg, Germany, March 2018

        Art Dinner in La Place de Mougins, January 2018

        RivierArt Events proposed an evening to immerse completely into the world of art: the fusion of an artistic creation and gastronomic creation. This exclusive evening offered the artist’s photographic work in collaboration with the chef Denis Fetisson who created a gastronomic dinner complimenting the artistic atmosphere.

        Talking photography in Old People´s Homes

        La Poya Gallery - Valberg, France

        Promenade Moments prints are now also available for sale

        in La Poya Collective Gallery in Valberg, France.

        My photographic art prints are hanging in private and public collections throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

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