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About Me

Born and raised in Italy, I studied biology in Germany and in Brazilian Amazonia. Passionate tropical ecologist with PhD, I always carry my camera with me since the day my father gave me the first Minolta at the age of 9. Living on the French Riviera since 2005, I love to capture light, colours and movements.

With my "Promenade Moments" series from 2017 on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, I want to give back some colour and light to the victims of the 2016 terrorist attack by donating metal prints of my pictures to the associations (Promenade des Anges; Hospital Lenval; Habitat & Humanisme) and with photography workshops.

I take my pictures with my Olympus E-M5 II and a Fujifilm X100F. I keep postproduction at a minimum and try to take the picture in its almost final form right away with my camera.

Come visit my exposition at Mouans Sartoux Foto Festival - I am one of 36 selected photographers

Solo Exhibition at the French-German Cultural Centre June-October 2018

Buy my book!

My first photography book was released in May 2018. it is edited by Baie des Anges Éditions

ISBN N°978-2-37640-021-9 / format 20×20 cm / 32 colour pages / 15€

If you want to order it please write me an email - photo@piaparolin.com


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I start to work with migrant and traumatized kids - playful photography to be creative and to get other pictures into their heads

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Free photobook (mit deutschen Sinnsprüchen) - write me an email